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Who is South Shore Car Service?


South Shore Car Service is a taxi car service formed by three individuals who had been working for local Long Island taxi services for many years.  In 2012, they collectively decided that they were tired of driving old, non-maintained vehicles and opened up a taxi car service of their own with the idea of focusing on giving their customers luxury class services at taxi prices.  South Shore Car Service is a transportation service that operates 24 hours a day on a call by reservation basis.  We do offer last minute service but in most cases we will need a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes to get to you.  We are a longer call based service.  We do not offer local in town services.  In most cases we are a $20 minimum cost ride service.


Why should your hotel choose South Shore Car Service as its primary transportation service for your customers?


At South Shore Car Service we value your customers as much as you do. We pride ourselves on providing punctual, friendly, and professional service in clean well maintained fully insured vehicles of all sizes to fully satisfy your needs.  We give our customers a private car service feel at taxi industry Prices.


Are there any benefits or perks for our staff if we call your service regularly?


At South Shore Car Service we believe in appreciating the people that help us grow our business.  We take notice of whom and how often we receive calls for our services.  In most cases we like to stop in & offer a token of our gratitude to the individuals who give us their business once a month and treat them to lunch or dinner.  We also offer all front desk staff & management staff of businesses that use our services, discounted rides when they too need transportation.


How competitive are our prices?


We at South Shore Car Service want to show you how serious we are about becoming your primary service.  We have created a postcard size discounted pricelist for your hotel.  The prices are to all area airports and to Manhattan.  We would greatly appreciate if you take this pricelist and post it where your staff can have it for when & if they ever need to refer to it.  Thank You